Creative & Young Enterprises I Love: Risque Designs, Paper Blush PH, and Bambag Collection

With the emergence of online shops in the Philippines, I've grown fond of online shopping. These shops are where you can find products that are unique. I've had my fair share of various experiences with online shops but let me share with you the ones I highly recommend.

Risque Designs Artisan Shoes

I've come to know Risque Designs because they had a Spark Project initiated at where I'm an Online Community Manager. 

I have this immense love for shoes. I am not particular with my clothes and bags but I'm very particular when buying shoes. 

Having the chance to talk to Tal de Guzman, owner and designer of Risque Designs, has made me love the brand even more. The shoes are custom-made and made with love by the artisans from Paete and shoemakers from Marikina. The shoes are export-worthy and by just looking at them, the craftsmanship speaks for itself. This is one creative way of promoting Filipino ingenuity to the world. 

There was one thing she mentioned in our conversation which I'd like to share with you (non-verbatim):

"I love how our generation is very helpful of each other w/ our & ventures."
I couldn't agree more.
(photo from Risque Designs Facebook page)

Paper Blush Washi Tape Phone Case

I have my share of acquiantances who are crafty and likes washi tape. I was crafty back in high school because of the school projects and all but when I graduated, I haven't focused on it that much. 

I saw my former classmate's post at Instagram about something she washified  using Paper Blush's washi tapes. I browsed through their Instagram and I thought it was just some usual washi tape-selling online shop but what really caught my attention was the phone cases that can be designed using washi tape. I love personalizing my phone through using phone cases that's why this got me hooked!

I also liked talking to the owners Mae and Hazel. I can tell by Mae that she really likes arts and crafts. I guess that's what draws you to the brand apart from the products: also seeing that the owners are passionate about their business.

Plus I got to make my own washified phone case. 

Washi tape phone case from Paper Blush PH

Bambag Canvas Bags Book Pouch

This one, I can't quite remember how I found the online shop. But I'm glad I did!

After browsing through Bambag's website, I really had the urge to buy a book pouch. No questions asked, it had to be the cover of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini that needed to be printed there because it was one of my favorite books.  I also had one made for my best friend Kenneth with the cover of Sherlock Holmes.

Bamba de Guzman, the owner of Bambag Collection, was very easy to talk to. The transaction went smoothly. When my orders arrived at home, I was really happy with the quality. Many people ask me where I bought my pouch because when I bring it, I don't bring a bag so people get to see it. It can carry my essentials.

Our book pouches by Bambag Collection

Apart from the products, I'm glad to have met four enterprising women through their brands. It is really refreshing to talk to these kind of people: creative, driven, and passionate.  This is why I don't cease in promoting their products to the people I know or from the people who ask me about their brands because they saw that I posted about these products at my social media accounts. 

This is the breed of young entrepreneurs that needs to grow today in our society, in my opinion. 

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