2013 Highlights

I know. Just another "2013 is over, here's a round-up post," you say.

But I'll go on with it anyway.

2013 has been an amazing year. By amazing, I don't mean happy, easy, and like prancing through fields of flowers and grass. It was amazing in a way that this year has taught me so much professionally and personally speaking.

Here are some of the highlights / my learnings from 2013:

My family

I think I got the memo too late of "Don't take your family for granted." My parents and sisters have been the best support system for me this year. We aren't really the PDA, mushy, and expressive bunch like other families but it's in their little gestures and straight-to-the-point advise that I stand by and get strength from. I may not be the best daughter/sister and I think I'm so blessed to have them as my family so from now on, I'll always try to make it a point that they are not taken for granted.

My friends
I usually don't get the whole "It's hard to find real friends" because since childhood, I've always had the best set of friends. No betrayal, no drama. This 2013 taught me that there are people who will pretend to be your friend but at the back of their minds, there's another reason for sticking by you. This made me appreciate more the friends I have. I feel lucky to have them in my life.

My colleagues
I believe no job is easy no matter how some people say there are some that actually are. My job is no exception. It's far from easy and relax. One of the reasons why I enjoyed it was the people I am working with right now. I'm relatively new to my job (1 year and 3 months, actually) but I can always depend on these people whenever I had questions and shortcomings with work. I also feel the genuine bond that we have whenever we get together or just talk over the phone. I personally look up to my boss (second from the right) because I can feel her dedication to Marketing and delivering the best and also, that she wants nothing but the best for her family. Not included in this photo is my mentor at work, someone who has been with the company for 9 years (I think). She has been very patient with me when we were working together at our branch but she got transferred to another branch but we still keep in touch.

Bigay Puso sa Pasko Year 2 gang
I already met some of these people last year when I covered the event for When In Manila. Coincidentally (something I was pining for), the event date this year fell on my day off so I felt I just had to be there. I really admire the people in this photo for their selflessness to share what they have with the kids of Lupang Panagako Elementary School. 

Azrael Colladilla and Enzo Luna
Last January, Azrael Colladilla and Enzo Luna went to Batangas because we invited them for work. I was lying low on blogging that time but seeing them there made me miss it. It was I who was in their place last 2012 and I wanted to be back.

Clark, Pampanga
I went to Clark, Pampanga last February with a friend to go to the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival. Aside from the hot air balloons, I could say that the sunrise I witnessed was so far the best sunrise I have seen in my life.

Naga City
Going to Naga was already in my bucket list for 2012 but I managed to go there just this December out of the itch to travel. It was nice to be there. The views were awesome and the 10-hr bus trip was worth it.

Ilijan, Batangas City
This is a place which is not a tourist destination at Batangas since when you think "beaches at Batangas," you think Calatagan, Laiya, Mabini, etc. It's a hidden paradise at Batangas City which only a few people outside Batangas know of. I'm often here since I was a kid but it's only now that I got to appreciate its beauty.

I am also thankful for the opportunity of being feature online and on print this 2013.  I think this will be a gauge of getting bigger features for 2014.

Blue Stockings, St. Scholastica College

Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine, 
November 2013 issue 

Crowdfunding project for Bigay Puso sa 
Pasko Year 2

Life is not what happens to you but how you handle it.
I've gotten some word of advise before that "It's pointless to be upset on things you can't control so just adjust and improve those that you can control to make the situation better." True enough, I needed that advise. I've always been an overthinker. I tend to be upset when things do not go as planned. I easily get pissed off on things I cannot control. This year, I've learned to be more light-hearted and flexible, and that I shouldn't give myself unnecessary stress.

It feels great to help other people exceed their potentials.
I find it weird for people to be more used to other people getting them down when they talk about a potential project or a goal. "I plan to go to the gym and have a healthy lifestyle this 2014," I say. The other person goes, "Ah, the gym? You'll get fatter anyway if you stop. And the fad diets are bogus anyway." At the back of my mind, I thought, "Why can't they just support me?" Maybe they're just being realists but I personally think it a few words of realistic encouragement can go a long way with anyone.

Selflessness is hard to do but do it anyway.

With everyone being busy with their lives and with the economy soaring down and everyone scrimping for a means of living, it's so hard to spare time for other people. I've talked to some people who stopped attending workshops and teaching because it was just a hobby and it didn't generate money plus it's time-consuming. I'm not saying donate everything you have and don't share time for others since you barely have time for yourself, but there is time for everything if you put your mind to it.


Cheers to new beginnings. Cheers to 2014!

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