Nagcarlan and Liliw Day Trip

Last January 26, my friend Ani suddenly messaged me at Facebook:
Ani: Ate Kristel!
Kristel: Yes?
Ani: Hallo!
Kristel: Hallo too!
Ani: Are you bored?
Kristel: Not really. haha. Why?
Ani: Let's go to a day trip at San Pablo, Nagcarlan, and Liliw.
Kristel: Sure!
And in an instant, I had a scheduled day trip on February 1 with Ani and Janelle, two good friends and former dorm mates from college. We planned to do Journeying James's DIY 7 Lakes of San Pablo Tour with Nagcarlan and Liliw Side-trip since it looks fun, hassle-free, and affordable.

I was so excited that I color-coordinated my things for the trip. Girly, I know.

But then, come February 1, there were sudden rain showers and it wasn't the best day for a day trip to the 7 Lakes of San Pablo. We were kind of bummed about it but we wanted to push through with the trip so we just decided to go to Nagcarlan and Liliw.

The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery was 2 jeepneys and 1 tricycle ride away from Los Banos, Laguna. For a while, we thought we were really getting lost because we didn't a long ride going there.

Hazy afternoon going to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Good thing it wasn't raining hard when we arrived there.
Beautiful view at Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Upon arriving there, I fell in love with the rustic bricks on the wall and the ground.  

Couldn't resist taking a #shoeselfie on this gorgeous texture on the ground

We just signed up at the registration upon entry. This place has been preserved by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

We couldn't take much photos inside the cemetery since it was dark there and flash was not allowed. So I just took photos of the beautiful corners of the place. 

And before leaving, I took my only solo photo of the day.

All covered up and ready to brave the rains

For our lunch, we decided to eat at Arabela. This is a little quiant cafe at the heart of Liliw. Outside, it looks like a little eatery under a historical house but you'd be surprised when you enter by the interiors and the menu choices.

Arabela's cozy interiors

They have the Trip Advisor sticker so the food must be good!

My 2 lovely friends / travel buddies for the day, Janelle and Ani 

My lunch: Grilled Fish in Caponata Sauce

The vinaigrette on the lettuce was just the right zing with the bread crumbs for the texture. I didn't even think before that baby potatoes would taste good with garlic. The fish was very tender and the tomato sauce was light and apt for my liking. I was so full when I finished this.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

I was really amused with the plating of this cheesecake. I don't really like cheesecakes in geenral since they tend to be overly-sweet but when I tried this one, it had the neutral sweetness that I liked.

Choco Lava

This dish is Yin and Yang since the Chocolate Cake was hot and super sweet while the Vanilla Ice Cream was there to neutralize it. I really recommend this one if you want dessert apart from the usual.

Out last stop for the day was to buy some slippers that Liliw was famous for. We went to the street that had a full stretch of shoe and slipper sellers. Good thing the street is closed during weekends.

Now this is one huge shoe!

There were so many choices of footwear that I didn't know where to go first. The prices are also very affordable so I guess you wouldn't feel so bad if you went to a footwear shopping spree here. I was restraining myself very much since I love shoes. 

Colorful native slippers at Liliw, Laguna

At the end, I bought 1 pair of heels for Php350.00. Now this is such a steal! I know, I should've bought slippers but I fell in love with this pair.

Since I'm always looking for quick travel bug fixes, I guess day trips like this is the way to go. This will definitely not be my last day trip at Laguna! 


  1. Hi ano pong jeep yung sinakyan niyo para makapunta ng Nagcarlan from Los Banos?

  2. Hi there. You can ride a jeepney going to San Pablo. From the San Pablo Church, you need to find the 7/11 with the jeepney terminal going to Nagcarlan. Hope this helps! :)