#CocoTEAmUp: Coco Tea Philippines Launch

You know how the milk tea craze suddenly had ______+ tea (no, I don't want to get in any fights by citing examples) milk tea houses sprouting at all corners of the Philippines? It instilled on my mind that any shop with that name format was an automatic default milk tea shop.

That's exactly what I thought when I was suddenly invited to go to Coco Tea Philippines' launch last April 8 at Eastwood. It does ring a bell since my sister was telling me before that she had tons of Coco Tea milk tea while she was at China last year. Another milk tea place, I thought to myself.

When I arrived at their shop, the first thing that caught my attention was the cute logo.

Next was the colorful menus:

What got me curious was Why is a milk tea shop highlighting making teas using fresh fruits? when I saw this at the counter:

When I looked around, most of the people were actually having fruit teas before the event started.

Fellow bloggers at Coco Tea Philippines

That's when I decided to get one myself so I went to the juice bar.

This was when it dawned to me that this wasn't really just any milk tea place, it was a place that promoted healthy drink through using fresh tea leaves for the milk tea and fresh fruits for the fruit teas.

Fruit tea bar at Coco tea Philippines

Guess what I got? Yup, the Lemon Calamansi with Aloe. From the looks of it, this was the crowd favorite since it ran out of stocks first!

This drink was so refreshing and would be a great help if you're looking for a drink to beat the heat on a summer day. I kid you not, I can drink 1 liter of this in one sitting.

 While sipping my Lemon Calamansi with Aloe drink, I was also listening to Larry Evans - Tan, the General Manager of Coco Tea Philippines and how Coco Tea Philippines aims to bring healthier fruit teas and milk teas using only fresh products.

Larry Evans Tan of Coco Tea Philippines

Also present at the event was Chris Everingham, a member of the Philippine Volcanoes, who was surprisingly a registered dietitian. He talked about having a healthy lifestyle through working out and taking in the right kind of food and drinks. 

After that, the event attendees got a chance to mix and match the milk tea and fruit tea ingredients to make their customized drinks which can only be done exclusively during the event. 

Laureen Uy with her team mates

Someone from Chris's team said, "We got the advantage since we got the dietitian in the team!"

From L to R: Laureen Uy, Larry Evans - Tan, Chris Everingham, Gretchen Ho, and Selina Dagdag at the Coco Tea Philippines Launch

As of the moment, Coco Tea Philippines has its first branch at Eastwood City. I really hope they open up a branch soon in the South!


Coco Tea Philippines
Techno Plaza 2, Eastwood Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City

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