Postcards from Ilijan

Sometimes, I get too busy that I tend to not appreciate the beauty in familiar places or instances.

Don't we all go through that at one point in our lives?

Last summer, I didn't have any plans on out-of-town trips or beach outings. I'm not really a person who loves going to beaches and swimming (I don't even know how to swim). Another thing was if I did want to go on an outing, I can do so in our backyard. Yes, we have a beach at our backyard. I never really thought of it as a beautiful one since I've always been there since I was a little girl plus most of the time, beautiful beaches are equated from ones that have white sand and tons of recreational activities to do.

It was just this summer that I got to really appreciate it. First, I invited my college dorm mates over. This was a 5 years in the making getaway for them. I've always told them, "The beach will always just be there and waiting for you." Finally, it pushed through last May. 

Photo by Lara Catarroja

They seemed to have enjoyed themselves and kept telling me that it must be great to have a beautiful view like this at our backyard. I really never thought of it that way but coming from Manila to spend a weekend at Batangas, it made me appreciate this view on so many levels.

Photo by Lara Catarroja

They didn't even mind that the rocks at the sea were mossy and the shoreline didn't have sand but pebbles.  What they liked was the water was so clear and the view going there and the place itself was breathtaking. 

View during sunset at our backyard. Photo by Lara Catarroja

Barbecue dinner at our backyard. Photo by Isabela Mariano

Later at the evening, we had a bonfire by the beach and had some s'mores, just like how we planned it 5 years ago.

Photo by Isabela Mariano

On the weekend after that, Louie's high school friends came over for a visit.

Photo by Jaryll Limueco

Photo by Jaryll Limueco

I heard one of them telling their friends, "If I lived here, I would get fat from just chilling, eating, and hanging out by the beach." I totally agree with that since the ambience of the place was really laid back.

Photo by Jaryll Limueco

Sitting by the seashore during the afternoon, I realized that I've been taking this beautiful blessing I have for granted. I've become so familiar with it that I think this was just some ordinary thing to have. Apparently, it isn't. They're the third group of people I've brought here and all these three groups said the same thing: "It must be nice having this view at the back of your house."

This was only when I took the time to cut the internet lines and just for 2 weekends, enjoy the good company and splendid view of this beach.

So now, I think I wouldn't trade a vacation at any other beach from this. 

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