Beni's Falafel: Delicious Vegetarian Food at Makati

A few weeks back, my boss Pat and I had a quick lunch at this little nook at the back of A Venue which had delicious vegetarian food. I didn't even know it was vegetarian after she told me the falafel was made out of chick peas.

I really wanted to go there on a chill evening and taste their other offerings so some weeks ago, that's where I and Louie had our dinner. The place? Beni's Falafel.

Beni's Falafel looks like a typical carinderia when you first see it. You wouldn't think this is one of's 2013 Best Restaurants!

When you enter inside, it has an intimate space that can cater to at most 20 people (I think). It feels like a homey restaurant minus the fancy decorations. The wall decorations are just photos of the celebrities who've been to Beni's Falafel, framed clippings of their print features, and some wall art.

Here's what we had for dinner:

Hummus with Pita Bread
The consistency is just right and the flavors are not too strong. I can think I can eat this every merienda time.

Chicken Breast on the Grill
I never really though hummus would go great with mashed potato but apparently, it does. This complimented well with the chicken breast marinated with several herbs and the salad with vinaigrette dressing. Don't be fooled, though.  This may not seem much but I felt full after eating this.

Beni's Falafel
My favorite among the 3! Beni's falafel clad in pita bread with vegetables is so good. I've tasted falafels from other places but this one is the best to date. I love how the falafels have a crunchy top layer but has a rich filling when you bite them. This is Beni's signature mix so no wonder you can't find the taste elsewhere. 

I'm definitely going back here every once in a while to taste their other offerings. If you want good vegetarian food, Beni's Falafel is the place to go!

Beni's Falafel

4364 Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City

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  1. You say that the restaurant is vegetarian and you seem to have had Chicken.. How is that even possible?