Getting Jobs While on the Go for Millenials, the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing website recently celebrated its 14 million users milestone at Best Western Antel Plus Hotel Makati last January 29, 2015 which I was lucky enough to join and celebrate with them.

“Our 14th million milestone was a monumental occasion not just for our company, but for the online freelancing industry. We’re rapidly seeing a shift in the future of the workplace -- people are no longer confined in offices -- the entire world is now our workplace. We have more control over the projects we take, as well as, have our own time in our hands. That’s the beauty of freelancing, no matter what your background may be, everyone is given an equal opportunity to pursue his or her passion,” says Regional Director for Southeast Asia Evan Tan

More than extra income and building a professional network, millions of our users are using the platform to make an impact in society.

“74% of our total users are millennials, who are the so-called ‘me, me, me’ generation,” shares Evan. “But seeing how our users are so passionate to make a difference by working with startups, or building their own small businesses that positively impact society, shows us otherwise.”

Born from 1980 to early 2000’s, millennials are redefining work: to them, getting just any job is no longer enough. Aside from flexible work hours, these purpose-seeking professionals want to be defined by their passion and not their careers – using these skills to make an impact in society.

What this recent study's results are true. Being a millenial myself, I do look for a sense of meaning in the work I do. I am currently working full-time in the BPO industry and it gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I was able to help the customers I assist with their needs. After work, this is when I do other work related to my passion / interests. I blog because I love to write and take photos. I attend events because I love meeting new people. I do online community management because I've always been fascinated with social media marketing. Gone are the days that you just needed one "job." Millenials today are multi-hypenated individuals on the go.

I've just signed up at after this event and I love how they have an app which I can use to access my Freelancer account anywhere using my phone.

It lets me see real time job updates, bid on projects I want to work on, and see the status of jobs I applied conveniently through my phone.

Now that online freelancing is seeing great support from different public institutions, it seems that more and more Filipinos would be able to use the platform to not only fulfill their personal needs, but also, to make a difference.

As a gift to Filipino freelancers for its 14 million users milestone, is offering free 3-month PLUS memberships for first-time users. Just use the promo code: flphils1, when signing up.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Reading this is so timely.. thanks

    1. In whatever way it was timely, I'm glad you dropped by my blog. Thanks, Emem. :D

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