Jovita Cafe: Delectable Food at Diversion Road, Batangas City

I'm so glad that there are many new food destinations in Batangas that are opening one-by-one.

My sister has been telling me about Jovita Cafe and how they've been hearing that the food is good. So we decided to try it out today for our late lunch and taste for ourselves.

Upon entering Jovita Cafe, what I loved the most is the counter top with its brick wall design.

The interiors looked spacious since the walls are painted white with lime green accent pillars. It's also nice to relax there and hang out in the afternoon.

My sister and I ordered Java Chip Frappe, Hazelnut Mocha Frappe, Pesto Pasta with Bacon, and Bagel Burger (all recommended by the barista as their best sellers).


Of the two drinks we ordered, the Hazelnut Mocha was the more flavorful one. The Java Chip Frappe tasted like your ordinary frappe but the Hazelnut Mocha had flavor shots that you can distinctly taste in every sip.

I loved the Bagel Burger and would definitely recommend this to anyone who will eat at Jovita Cafe. The bagel was not to hard to chew. There was a generous amount of vegetables and a quarter-pound burger patty was in it. I was also surprised that fries on the side was included since I think the Bagel Burger itself was priced cheaper than the quality I got. Must try!

The same goes for the pesto pasta, it's a must try too! I also thought we got more value than what we paid for since we got a lot of pasta in that order (don't let the photo fool you; the pasta is tightly packed for the plating). It was also not greasy so it was delicious overall.

They also had pastries from Conti's but we were too full to buy some but here are 2 photos of the cakes / muffins:

If you want value for money for you food when you're here at Batangas City, Jovita Cafe is a place you shouldn't miss to try out!


Jovita Cafe Facebook Page

(043) 984 4776


Business Hours: Monday - Sunday



  1. Interesting food find, Ill try to check this out if I find myself down south.

  2. Looks like a nice place to hangout! :)
    I hope I was still in LB so I can go explore the south with friends during the weekend. Hehe. :D

  3. Dream cafe is one of the most appealing cafes among these. With its peaceful and quite ambiance, it's almost like your home. You get your coffee and very good quality snacks here at once and also you get warmly greeted once you enter the place.