Coco Tea: Enjoying the Summer-on-the-Go Experience!

Confession: My favorite milk tea is Coco Tea.

Ever since I tasted their milk tea last year (I wrote about it here), I fell in love with the brand. I always ask my sister to come with me to Coco Tea at SM City Manila.

And I'm not the only one who loves the brand! Last night, 4 on-the-go individuals shared how Coco Tea is their on-the-go drink despite their busy schedules and how even though summer doesn't last year-long, you can still taste its burst of freshness all year round with Coco Tea's drinks!

I want this Coco Tea counter at my home...

Summer on The Go with Every Cup

CoCo Tea’s line of juices and teas are a revitalizing and rejuvenating choice for those who are constantly on the move with day to day activities. Using fresh ingredients sourced both locally and abroad, there’s a drink for anyone at any time of the day. Whenever and wherever, CoCo Tea is a companion you can rely on to keep you energized and refreshed, from the start till the end of each day

The on-the-go individuals who shared with us their favorite drinks are:

Gretchen Ho
CoCo’s Lemon Calamansi with Aloe is athlete and host Gretchen Ho’s drink choice when it comes to watching out for a drink that keeps her fresh and raring to take on the day, while keeping fit. She enjoys this citrus delight which gives her a refreshing feel that’s just the right flavor and just the right lightness.

Laureen Uy
Looking for something cool and simple to end the day with? Fashion blogger Laureen Uy’s CoCo drink of choice is the Passion Fruit Tea Burst. With the Passion Fruit Tea Burst as her day-ender drink, Laureen does a day full of traveling and other activities, knowing that she can enjoy the evening with a cool and refreshing taste of fresh passion fruit and jasmine tea, and topped off with pearl and coconut jelly.

Jeron Teng
Athletes and sports enthusiasts don’t have far to go. The Lemon Dunk is De La Dalle Green Archers basketball player Jeron Teng’s choice before his basketball games or routine exercises. It gives Jeron an extra kick which keeps him invigorated and spirited as he goes about his day.

LA Aguinaldo
CoCo’s 3 Buddies is model and host LA Aguinaldo’s cool-down drink after gigs and appointments. This black tea based milk tea topped with pudding, pearl, and grass jelly is exactly what LA gets when he’s looking for something to cool him down after a full day of activities.

My Personal Picks

Among the four drinks, I prefer these three:

3 Buddies, Lemon Calamansi with Aloe, and Lemon Burst at Coco Tea Philippines

These new flavors will now get me to go more at Coco Tea! 

How about you, have you tried Coco Tea? Which is your favorite flavor? Share it at the comments below. :)


  1. I've never tried Coco Tea but now I definitely want to! Thanks for sharing this <3

  2. Hey Kristel, it was so great to see you again at the event! :)
    Hope you don't mind me grabbing some photos (with credits of course!) for my blog. ;)

    1. Great seeing you too, Christa! Sure, no problem. :D