Ilijan,Batangas City: Where I Have the Sea at My Backyard

It's summertime again and I know most people are going to the beach for outings.

My summer is different. I'm the one bringing my friends to the beach since it's just at our backyard at Ilijan, Batangas City.

Just a Stone's Throw Away from our House

Photo by Lara Catarroja

The sea is roughly a minute walk from our house through a bamboo bridge. When you get by the sea shore, it's rocky unlike those at the other parts of Batangas with white sand beaches. The sand is just situated at the deep parts of the sea which you'll find when you go swimming.

I do love that fact since not many people go here and you can really relax. Some people go to the beach to have beautiful photos but I go here to have peace of mind and just look at the great scenery.

I only realized that we did have a great scenery at the back of our house when I was bringing my friends there already. I've gotten so used to it and hearing my friends say that it's such a wonderful view, then that made me take a second look. 

Photo by Lara Catarroja

Taking Sunset Photos is my Favorite Part

I don't really go there to swim but to take sunset photos since they turn out so well. Here are some shots from Ilijan taken by myself and my friends.

Photo by Lara Catarroja

Photo by Kevin Samson

Took this while the sun was setting. We also love collecting sea shells.

How about you, have you been to the beach lately? Where did you have your last vacation? :)


  1. Wow, napakaswerte! nasa likod bahay lang ang beach! gusto ko din ng ganyan, siguro nog nog na ko pag ganyan, lalo pa ngayon na napakainit! huhubels.

    Nice photos though! :)

    1. Nognog ako nung bata pa ako. haha. I always swam there so when I bring my friends now, they wonder why I don't swim with them anymore. :D

  2. Gah! I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to go to the beach since start of April! pero no time and no kasama! But I already booked for Boracay alone this coming July so yay! hhahahahahaha

  3. Are there beach resorts in Ilijan? We might have our barkada outing in Batangas and I've only found one beach resort which is the Kamantigue Beach and Diving Resort. Anyway, your post reminds me of my parents hometown. Their homes are just few steps away from the beach. Every time we go there for vacation I'd swim everyday and I don't mind coming home with a severe sunburn.

  4. Yup. There's a lot of beach resorts there. We also have our beach house for rent. You can email me at kristel[at] so we can chat about that. :)

    That's how I was too when I was younger. haha. But now, I just like looking at the view.

  5. I would like to visit a beach i ilijan but their overnight price is costly. I want to experience sunset as well but the last trip going back is 4pm (said the terminal in sm batangas). Do you know any house that offers cheap accomodation.

  6. Hi! Can i meet u in person? Ive been to your house but not inside of course. Ikaw may ari nyan? Kumain ako ng burger sa likod nyo noong isang araw lang. Mura mga tinda nyong snacks. Kain ulit kami dun