Pascua's Freestyle Kitchen: A Unique Take on Batangas's Best Cuisine

Before anything else, I really want to express my happiness because the Batangas food scene is brighter than ever.

I'm glad to have found another foodie spot at Bauan, Batangas which is Pascua's Freestyle Kitchen. 

Pascua's Freestyle Kitchen is a casual dining restaurant which offers new recipes for our well-loved Batangas cuisine. I wrote about them at and since the article would take about 2 weeks to get released, I thought of giving you a sneak peek on their dishes!

Pascua's Freestyle Kitchen has a minimalist elegance which I'm sure you'll love. It's seldom that you find a place in Batangas which has this ambience with competitive price points ( really value for your money!)

I tried out 5 dishes which are their bestsellers. Being a Batanguena myself, this is the first time I've encountered our well-loved Batangas cuisine cooked this way.

Wondering what I'm talking about? Here are the 5 dishes and my drink:

Tiping Bites with 3 Dips 

Sweet crispy bread chips with pimiento, cheesy pesto and tomato cilantro tuna dip

Cream of Bulanglang

Sinaing na Tulingan in Olive Oil

Mackerel Tuna stew in oil-based Pasta

Quarter Slab Baby Back Ribs

Adobong Bulalo

Beef shank stewed in a classic soy sauce and vinegar base

Fresh Honey Mint Lemonade

Now, don't those look good? Yes, they are! 

Watch out for my article in about Pacua's Freestyle Kitchen. :)



Read my article at When In Manila here:  

Pascua’s Freestyle Kitchen: Serving Batangas Cuisine with a Twist


  1. everything looks amazing here! i wish i could try it. :)
    love, liz

    1. If ever you're at Batangas, you should definitely try this. :)

  2. Wow. And now i missed Filipino food.
    Awwww i want to visit this soonXO

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. All those dishes look absolutely amazing! It's sad that I spent my whole life on Guam, but never once visited the PI.

    1. If ever you swing by the PH and in Batangas in particular, you should try this place. :)

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