#iCon2015: How Investing Can Help your Travel Funds and the Country's Tourism Grow

An investing conference post at a travel / lifestyle blog? Yes, you are reading it correctly right now.

Typical topics at travel blogs include destinations, itineraries, budgets for trips, how to save for trips, etc. but investing is a side of finances that you can use to travel without breaking the bank.

Why I Put Travelling on Hold

I have thought on putting traveling on hold for these reasons.

  • I thought traveling was expensive. I would always go on spontaneous trips with my friends before and not planning how to budget first. I was always the go with the flow person but one day, I realized that I needed to change this.

  • I would get my travel funds from my savings. Trip coming up? Withdraw from account.  It was the mistake that I was doing for the past 3 years.

  • I would just say yes to trips I got invited to if I was free and had money. I didn't think about if I really wanted to go to that place. I just always thought "Hey, it's with my friends / family so I should go there."

5 Things I Learned from #iCon2015

I know I'm not the only one who has gone through this. It took me months before I made adjustments on these so I can make my travels smarter and budget-friendly.

I attended the #iCon2015 yesterday because I was interested on knowing how investing can grow my travel fund. Attending #iCon2015 yesterday also made me realize these 5 things on how investing can help my travel funds and the tourism industry as well.

1) Culture and adventure are 2 things you should be investing on aside from money.

Adventure feeds us with wisdom and ideas that can help us with our lives. This is knowledge that you can’t get from reading or just staying at home.

Like what Francis Kong cited as an example, “35 years from now, imagine that you have your grandchildren with you. What would you tell them? That you went from office, pantry, office, home. Or would you want great stories to tell them?”

2) Make your money work for you by investing.

While most of us have jobs where we get salaries, we can deem our basic needs (food, water, shelter, etc.) as more important than our travel funds. This is true and while it may seem like travel bloggers are having the time of their life going from one place to another, they are making ways in order to sustain this nomad lifestyle. Most of time, we’d get advice to have jobs where we can work anywhere in the world. 

During #iCon2015, I realized while listening to the speakers is that once I understand the fundamentals ofthe investment method I choose plus knowing the goal why I’ll invest can help me save up for those trips I want to go to.

3) The inflation rate of the country does not include your travel expenses so your personal inflation rate is higher.

As the prices of everything we consume go up, this is measured through the GDP. While this is happening, our individual personal expenses go up as well depending on our priorities. For me, it may be saving up for a travel fund and emergency fund. For others, it might be how they can send their kids to school or mortgage.

Travel expenses go up as well so we need to match these higher prices with interests that we can get from our investments so we can allocate other portions of our money to other things. 

4) You are contributing on growing the Philippines' economy since we are a consumer-driven economy. 

Buying your trip essentials such as backpacks, shoes, containers, clothes, shoes, etc before you leve for your trip? Congratulations, you are helping in boosting the Philippine economy!

Most of the growth of our GDP is because of 3 main factors: 1) consumer-driven economy,  
2) OFW remittances, and 3) BPO investments in the country.

5) You are helping build better infrastructures for tourism in the country.

It was discussed by Randell Tiongson that the Philippines is a consumer-driven economy. Companies here gain profit from the consumption of the Filipinos. And buying gear, necessities (or even non-essentials) can get the economy up.

You may not know it but investing in real estate companies actually help the tourism in the country. The company awarded the renovation project for the Mactan, Cebu airport is a publicly listed company which when funded more by investments, can execute more for various projects. The Philippines is not really known to have the best airports but this is one small step for change.  


I'm not an investment guru but I figure this is a good start.

How about you, how do you fund your travel expenses? Would you consider investing as a means to fund your next trip? Let me know at the comment section. :)


  1. Same thing! I take my travel funds from savings and I feel bad about it. I want to know more how to properly invest, hopefully I'll be able to come up with funds meant for travel alone! :D


    1. I'm also taking time to understand investing because I believe as much as saving for our future that we need to enjoy the present as well. Smart moves like investing can help
      us grow our travel funds. :)

  2. I guess I have become a bit wiser when it comes to how I handle my finances. I started investing, I'm working on my own business, I have other side jobs plus my full time job. It also helps that I have a partner whom I plan out of town trips with so we share expenses. Yey! And that my work entails me to travel as well. :D


    1. That's great to know, Gellie. I have a long way to go but I'm also getting there. :)

  3. I really like this post! It's not your typical travel blog. :) I usually allot a portion of my earnings for travel. Number 3's a good point. As much as possible, your investments should beat inflation.

    1. Thank you, Patricia. :) We should do Number 3 so we're not losing money by just letting it sit in a bank account. Plue more travels!

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