Philippine School of Interior Design #Studio24: Designs for Redefining Spatial Limitations

Confession: I love well-designed spaces, may it be a new coffee shop I discovered or when I visit a friend's house for the first time. Maybe some people can tell already since well-designed interiors are what I post at my Instagram account aside from food.

Many people I know think that interior design is unnecessary and having a simple space in your house is already okay. They don't know that the simple matching of colors, arranging of accent pieces, or picking the right furniture that matches your house's color scheme is interior design itself.

Thanks to Pinterest, people like me can now apply our (secret) interior design fantasies to our rooms.

I think I need to paint my headboard to white 

Found this bird-designed hanger really nice for sorting out my event IDs 

Thanks to Indie Green Culture for my yin-yang dreamcatcher

Not included in the photo is my bookshelf, desk, cabinets, and display cabinet. I think I've made the most out of my small room.  It's all about knowing what you want in your space and finding ways to make it work

Small Space Can Mean Big Potential

I have thought of buying my own property in the near future, but I know I'd want a small, intimate space instead of a big house since it will cost-efficient in the long-run. A condominium is one of the choices I have in my mind but designing a whole condominium instead of just my room is another leap altogether.

Often, small condos carry the stigma of being cramped and limited. However, in the right hands micro-condos can be personalized into a dream abode.  With micro-condos becoming the norm, adapting one’s style to a small space is more of an opportunity than a challenge. As long as the space is customized to fit the style and needs of the homeowner, the small size is of very little consequence.

A Legacy of Thinking outside the Box

Having this in mind beforehand, imagine my joy when Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) invited me to the press briefing of Studio 24, their graduating batch of 2015! 
For the past 48 years, The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), has nurtured and taught countless interior designers who continue to make their mark here and abroad. In doing so, PSID fostered a legacy of taking unassuming spaces and turning them into the ideal nests. STUDIO24 utilizes twenty-four standard 24sqm. spaces decked out in 24 popular trends inspired by unique personality archetypes. Each of the 24 styles fall under 3 main categories.
“We want to show that our budding designers can not only adapt to the new norm of micro-condos, they can use ingenious, imaginative, and innovative design solutions that not only showcase their talent but also show dwellers how to transform their space,” shares Pojie Pambid, Dean of PSID.  

Here are some shots of the featured exhibit spaces:

And here are my 3 favorite spaces / pegs when I finally buy my own!

Filipino Indigenous for the Tattoo Artist

Pop Art for The Comic Geek

Deconstructivism for The College Buddies

The exhibit runs from October 3-31 at Ronac Lifestyle Center along Paseo de Magallanes (near Honda). If you love well-designed spaces as much as I do, you should definitely go to this event!

But I also want to know, have you tried designing your own space yourself? Do you have any interior design professionals / family members / friends who has helped you in doing so? Let me know at the comments below. :)

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