Lokal Hostel: An Affordable Hostel in Makati for the Street Art Lover

We had this crazy idea of celebrating our friend's birthday at P. Burgos. St., the red light district of Makati. I personally thought it was scary since I've never been there before but I didn't expect this was how I'll find one of the nicest hostels I'll stay in.

After the festivities, we looked for a place to stay for the night because it was 4:00 AM in the morning and my friends live at Laguna. One of them suggested we try out Lokal Hostel, a place she has read about from the internet which was nearby Filling Station where we had our dinner.

I was skeptical since the building entrance where Lokal Hostel was located had bars at both sides and didn't seem very conducive to staying for the night. When we got to the third floor, the hostel just looked like an office with a cool mural at the waiting area.



What I first noticed while waiting to be checked in was the helpful guides on what activities to do and which apps to download to get around Manila.

I thought this was strategically placed because it's a fast reference for the foreigners going out on where to go.


This is one of the two things I loved about the hostel: there were street art at all the common areas. Most of the murals were commissioned from street art artists such as John Ed De Vera, Anjo Bolarda,
Aral Crew, WeWillDoodle, Bryan Antonio, Kookoo Ramos, and the guy behind the Garapata artworks. I've read from this feature of Lokal Hostel at Rappler that the reason why the hostel was designed this way was to bring a part of Filipino culture to the foreigners staying there.

I think 20% of the time we stayed there was just taking photos of the wall murals because they were so nice. I imagine my future house to have similar artworks on the walls. I really wished I had my camera with me because these phone photos don't do justice to the artworks!

The rooftop deck also had some art even on the trash cans. It adds to the overall cool ambiance of the place.


The second thing I loved about Lokal Hostel was that it was conducive to making new friends and meeting new people from all over the world.

The rooms were kept to a bare minimum with manila paper artworks and a locker for the valuables.

There were common kitchen and dining areas where you can meet other people staying in the hostel.

In the span of our short stay in the hostel, we met these people:

  • A guy from Netherlands who's visiting the country just for vacation and who told us that he loved the provinces of Pampanga, Cebu, and Negros Occidental
  • A guy from US who's in the country for a business trip and how he loves that all Filipinas are all beautiful
  • Two students who fly in to Manila every weekend for the MarkProf Top Marketing Students Training Series
We wouldn't have met this people if we were staying in a hotel since everyone had their private facilities to use and the place didn't encourage interaction with the people staying there.

 I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone who's looking for an affordable place to stay near the Makati CBD with a nice ambience and want to meet new friends from all over the world. :)

How about you, have you ever stayed at a hostel? How was the experience? Let me know through the comments section below!



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  1. Ang cute ng mga wallart!!!



    1. Yes, they were so nice! I really wished I had my camera with me when we went there. :)

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