Project Lingap: Promoting Volunteering in the Philippines through Adventures with a Heart

Most of my friends know me as the girl who's always involved in volunteering projects or starting my own crowdfunding projects. And most of them wonder why I do it despite being busy.

I can cite two reasons:

  • I feel privileged and I want to share the blessings I get to other people
  • It makes me meet passionate people who I want to emulate 

It is rare to find people with the same interest as volunteerism as myself, and surprisingly, most of the people I know who are volunteers are people I've met through social media.These are people who have reached out to me so they can help my project and I always tell them that if they need my help on their own initiatives, I'm more than willing to share whatever contribution I can.

One evening, I was browsing the Volunteering Opportunities Facebook Group and a person from Project Lingap posted about fund raising through selling t-shirts.

These are the t-shirt designs. You can order through filling out this form.

I checked out Project Lingap's Facebook Page since I found the t-shirts to be well-designed and got interested in volunteering myself since they support education which is one of my personal advocacies. I got in touch with  them and found out there was an upcoming Volunteers' Get Together.

Building Friendships Through A Shared Passion for Traveling and Volunteerism

The group holds get-togethers for volunteers for project updates and also for holding of Board Games For A Cause, one of the fund raising activities of the group.

I went to the Volunteers Get-Together alone. I just wished it wouldn't feel so awkward since I didn't know anyone.

Good thing these smiling faces greeted me when I entered the event area!

Everyone being genuinely nice is an understatement. One part of our conversation that stuck on me was:

Me: So, how did you guys meet? Are you guys, officemates? College friends?

Lieann: Some of us have been friends from way back.

Menard: Our passion is what really brought us together in this group.

I found out during the program that Project Lingap got established after some of the members of Epic Travels PH thought that they can integrate volunteerism into their travel itineraries to make the trips more worthwhile.

I love traveling but most of the time, it's just personal trips with my friends. I have heard of outreach programs + adventure trips from other friends but haven't tried it.

What I like about their projects is that they go back to the communities to follow through on their initiatives to help them more sustainable. This is great since rather than just providing materials for community improvement, they are giving additional insights on how these resources can be maximized to benefit the community.

Hey, that's me at the far back. I'm still in the groufie!


Project Lingap (Registered as Voluntourism PH) aims to help in the development of unreached indigenous communities in the Philippines by engaging young professionals in meaningful travel experiences and various volunteering activities that will help to address the pressing needs of the communities in being able to partner with the local community in championing advocacies such as access to education, potable water, and sustainable living, thus alleviating the lives of its constituents.

Here are some of the initiatives that Project Lingap has spearheaded:




Right now, Project Lingap is gearing up for The Lubang Project.

Lubang is a town located at the northwest of the northern end of Occidental Mindoro. It houses a secluded and far flung island called Cabra. This is where Project Lingap is taking its Adventure with a heart this December. 

Being one of the poorest locations in Luzon, we aim to extend help to this off beaten Island. Help us bring smile to the kids and access to potable water to the familes of Cabra Island.


So if you're looking for meaningful traveling experiences by exploring the Philippines while giving back to the community, join Project Lingap as a volunteer or reach our to support the upcoming projects through the fund raising programs!

How about you, have you tried joining any volunteer groups? What advocacies do they uphold? Let me know through the comments section below! :)

Project Lingap
Instagram: @projectlingap

Photo Credits: Lieann Lara, Menard Pendang, Project Lingap
Video Credits: VJ Matias


  1. Thanks for featuring us here Kristel. Looking forward to having you in your next Adventure with a heart.