Learn Skimboarding and Meet New Friends at Alon Pinas Skim Camp

Having our house by the beach, I know how enjoying and relaxing it is to just lounge by the sea, swim, or do any other water sports.

One of the water sports I've been meaning to try is skim boarding. This is not common for most of us since we always have surfing or parasailing when we hear water sports. Skim boarding is definitely something to try out, too!

Great thing that Alon Pinas will be holding their first ever Skim Camp at LookLeft Beach Resort, Pundaquit, Zambales on November 19-21!


Alon Pinas is an online community for skimboarders and other boardsport enthusiasts founded in 2008.

Here's a video of one of their skimboarding session so you'll get an idea of how fun it is to unwind by the beach through skimboarding:


 But you might wonder why Alon Pinas is holding this event outside of the summer season? Well, here's the answer straight from the group:
Our group is proud to have won dozens of awards from all over the country and from international competitions. We have been promoting this activity for almost a decade. Now, we'd like to share to you (or your kids) what we know about the sport. More importantly, we'd like you to know how skimboarding feels. :)

For more information about the event, you can visit the following links:

Alon Pinas Facebook Group

Alon Pinas Facebook Page

LookLeft Beach Resort Facebook Page

Have you tried skimboarding? Can you share some tips for a first timer like me? Leave your answers at the comments section below! :)

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