Shake 'N Wings: My New Favorite Chicken Wing Stop in Batangas City

Today is the day that I'm catching up on backlogs here in my blog and as I was looking through all my drafts, Shake 'N Wings tops the list of the food places I want to share with you.

Last February (yes, backlog galore!), there was one night when my sister and I were the only ones in the house. It was already dinner time and I was still working without noticing that it was already 8:00PM. My sister kept bugging me to cook dinner and our fridge was near to empty so I told her that we can just go out and eat somewhere near the Batangas State University (BSU) since it's just a walking distance from our house. She mentioned a food place we should try out.

"I heard my friends raving about this place called Shake 'N Wings. Maybe, we should try that."

I agreed since I haven't tried the place so in our pambahay, we walked going to this food place to grab some grub. I didn't take photos and just went there to try out the food, and it was delicious! I wanted to try more food from their menu and so, I brought the entire family the next day.

The detail I like the most about the interiors is the white brick wall. It added a nice touch to look at without over-the-top decor. Plus, there's no wi-fi so diners will actually talk to each other.

I thought to myself, "If the place stayed classy with its interiors, I hope everything else in the menu tastes great like the ones we tried out yesterday." This is because I hate it when I try out a new restaurant and around 80% - 90% of its menu sucks and only a handful tastes great.

For the drinks, most of us had Iced Tea but their Mango Shake was enjoyed by my sisters very much. I'm not a fan of ripe mangoes but according to them, the shake was thick and creamy and you can taste the real mangoes in it and not just chunks of ice with milk and mango shake powder. I guess this was really good because they're hard to please when it comes to shakes! 

Next up were the chicken wings. We bought flavors in garlic parmesan, barbecue, and lemon pepper. I loved all of them! This set didn't have gravy with it but I tasted the flavors when I bit through the meat and not just on top of the chicken's skin. And on top of that, the chicken's skin were bursting with flavors and I felt like they didn't skimp on the seasoning. They were even better than some chicken wings I've tried out in Manila.

The Quesadillas was a pleasant surprise for me. It was full of chunks of beef with oozing melted cheese, which was such a steal for just Php130! The salsa dip seemed to be made fresh and the tanginess complemented the taste of the quesadilla.  

We also tried out four types of pasta:


Cheese Penne


Seafood Puttanesca

And for all of these, I give them all 5/5! I usually have low expectations with pasta since I'm not a big pasta fan but all of these dishes did not disappoint. The sauces were all creamy and explodes in your mouth when you eat them, the chunks of toppings like the ham, shrimp, and parmesan cheese were generous, and the portion size was generous.

To top it all of (as if all that food we ate weren't enough!), we had a Meaty thin-crust pizza. While all the food above were so savory and flavorful, this thin crust pizza acted as a neutralizer. When you bite it, you can taste just the right amount of tomato paste, bell peppers, and bacon. We thought this was just for one person but it was enough for the 4 of us after a heavy meal.

Overall, I give it a 5/5!

I'm really happy that great food places like Shake 'N Wings are emerging in Batangas City. I told my youngest sister that they're lucky because back in the day, we only had the fastfood chains to satisfy our cravings and hunger when we would go out after school. 

I also like that they deliver not in over-the-top interiors or marketing but in great food, which is the essence of dining out. That's what most of their competitors are doing now here and I've been to some of them only to find out that the food were only just Insta-braggable but the taste was sub-par.

So if you're in the Balagtas, Batangas City area or just nearby, give Shake 'N Wings a shot! You'll love it. 

GB Arcade, Unit 8, 920 Alangilan, 4200 Batangas City(The major landmark nearby is Palawan Pawnshop. It is located across Golden Country Homes and 7/11 Alangilan)
(043) 425 1693

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