A Night of Celebrations with Sentro 1771 and Flatiron 1771

I think most people can relate to the feeling of encountering a restaurant through its different branches and always wondering how the food and dining experience is there because we can't try out every restaurant we see, right?

This was exactly the case with me and Sentro 1771. I've read about them in other blogs and I've passed by their branch in Greenbelt, but I've never tried dining there with my friends and family. I just read that the food is good based on the reviews but I had yet to try it out for my own liking.

Fast forward last May 3, they opened a new branch in Uptown Place Mall in BGC right next to Flatiron 1771, which is another restaurant owned by the 1771 Group of Restaurants. Since my roommate was working in the same building where they opened, I thought I could finally give it a shot in trying it out.

The interiors

The two restaurants were connected to each other so I had the chance to check both of them out. I went around Sentro 1771 first to look at the interiors and overall ambiance.

It was really cozy and I think the place is great for brunches or dinners with your family since the design feels fits for for intimate conversations.

The two distinct details that resonated with me in their space were the tear-shaped drop lights and the paintings that served as accents to the white walls. They added a really nice  touch to the space and I like artworks in my rooms in general, so plus points for that.

I went to the other side at Flatiron 1771 to find a spot with my roommate and meet some other guests.

The interiors of Flatiron 1771 had a fun vibe. It's like a hang-out place with friends after a tiring long day at work. Plus points for the nice layout of the big menu boards and the floor tiles. Seriously, the floor tiles were a work of art.

We spent the night with our companions at the table, Orlee and Tere of Food Trip ni Chong. It's always a great experience to eat good food with fellow foodies.

Must-try dishes at Flatiron 1771

If I had not practiced my restraint on eating everything that was served that night, I could have died with (delicious) food coma.

Every dish was a delight, and I'm sure you'll like most of them.

Here were the dishes we tried out that night from Flatiron 1771:

Salabacho Pizza

I loved this pizza because it had everything that I prefer in a pizza because it had a thin crust, bacon, plum tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. Yum! The other ingredients in it were salami, chorizo, and basil. All the ingredients were in sync with each other which gave every bite tons of flavor.

Pizzaiola Pasta
I'm not a fan of red sauce pastas simply because I prefer the sweeeter taste of white sauce pastas or "Filipinized" red sauce pastas because they're brimming with sugar in them. The pizzaiola pasta had a napolitaine sauce but I felt that it was not as strong as other Italian red sauce pastas I've tasted before. It's a great median to the two types I just mentioned before. And yes, there was still bacon and salami in it.

Corned Beef Short Plate (part of Corned Beef Skillet)

My roommate tried this out because I'm not a big fan of beef. She said it tasted great and the meat was very tender and the dish was made fresh so it's more juicy compared to the processed corned beef that we have at the supermarket.

Peanut Butter Delice 

Sentro 1771, forgive me because I had 4 bars of Peanut Butter Delice. The dessert was so good! This had chocolate peanut praline, chocolate peanut ganache, hazelnut almond, cashew sponge, all held together with a caramel chocolate mousse. This was favorite of the night!

 Lime Tart
I told my friends in the table that this couldn't be a lemon tart because the tanginess was very strong. When I asked one of the friendly staff of Flatiron 1771 about what's in it, she mentioned this was a lime tart. I've never tasted one before and I like this a lot so this won't be my last encounter with one. I can't find this in their menu so I'm guessing this was made especially for their 1st anniversary celebration.

Must-try dishes at Sentro 1771

Now, we jump ship to the dishes from Sentro 1771.

Tostado Wings Adobo

 This was a wing party that I loved. The adobo flavor cannot only be tasted on the chicken skin but also after you bite into the chicken meat. This taste is hard to achieve considering that I've tried to cook marinated chicken wings before and have failed miserably.

Lechong Kawali

How do I start describing this? The meat was tender and oozing with spice flavors in every bite. I've always had this hatred for brittle fat that's attached to the lechon kawali meat but this one had such tender pork fat on it that I was chewing it with delight. It was that good!

Crablet Spring Roll

I can't say much about this one because I'm not a big fan of ripe mangoes. Aesthetically speaking, it looked good while I was looking at them at the buffet table. My roommate seemed to like this one, so there's a thumbs up for that. I can't find this in their menu so this could have been made just for the occasion. 

Lengua Salpicao Tartlet

Lamb Kaldereta Tartlet

I tasted both these tartlets and couldn't tell the difference with the taste. Both the meat put in them are part of main courses but what I can say is that I like that the taste of this was just median and not over-the-top. It complemented well with the other dishes that had a stronger taste.

Kesong Puti Bruschetta (can be ordered as Kesong Puti Pandesal)

I could also say the same with the bruschetta as I've mentioned about the tartlets. This is the dish that's perfect as an appetizer for starting your meal.

Fried Squid with Toasted Garlic
I loved this in the same level as the Tostado Wings Adobo! I have a bias for dishes or snack food with a strong garlic taste and this hit right on the spot. I also loved that when I bit into the squid, it was easy and didn't take a few chews before cutting through it.

Banana and Camote Un-cue

Buko Pandan Popsicles

For the desserts, we had some of the most common Filipino desserts such as the banana and camote cues as well as the buko pandan popsicles. Contrary to the desserts from Flatiron 1771, these had a more moderate sweetness to them that I liked. Overloading desserts which are already sweet just by the taste of the main ingredients with sugar usually ends up badly. I'm glad these two didn't fall in that category.

Overall, I give Flatiron 1771 and Sentro 1771 a 5/5!

You might be thinking that "Another 5/5? You ranked your last blog entry with the same rating!" Yes, I do because I don't write about food I don't vouch for. 

The dishes that ranked high on my list were the Tostado Wings Adobo, Fried Squid with Toasted Garlic, Lime Tart, and Peanut Butter Delice. You should definitely try these ones out when you're in the Uptown Place Mall area.

Flatiron 1771

Operating Hours: 11AM - 11PM
Contact Number: +639178544540

Sentro 1771

Operating Hours: 12PM - 10PM
Contact Number: (02)7929133


  1. Went i went to uptown, hindi pa to open. Will try it pag makadaan ulit Uptown. :D

    1. You should! Madalas ko madaanan Sentro 1771 sa Greenbelt pero ngayon, mapapadalas na ako. :D