#HostelHopping - BGC Hostel: Accessible and Affordable Accommodation Near UST and España Boulevard

I'm a firm believer that if I travel, I will spend smaller on my accommodation and allocate the money on other activities during the trip.

This may not be the same case for you because you have more money but for people who are budget travelers like myself, I go by the mantra stated above. This is why I don't get people who throw all their money to have staycations just to sleep at another place in the city. 

I'm always on the lookout for affordable accommodations in the metro and I know hostels are one option that's cheap, safe, and worth your money. Some hostels, surprisingly, have private rooms. I've always experienced sleeping in bunk beds at the other hostels I've stayed in.

Then out of the blue, the good guys  from BGC Hostel invited me to stay at their Sampaloc, Manila branch. Relaxing in an airconditioned room with free unlimited wi-fi I can use to work? I wouldn't say no to that.

Unlike the BGC Hostel branch I stayed in Makati, this branch was more discreet but very accessible to public transport since it's along España Boulevard. You just have to look out for the building next 7-Eleven as you enter the Vicente Cruz Street.

Sailing Away with Nautical Interior Design

Once entering the main lobby area, I immediately noticed the nautical design through the signage in the reception area. There was also a student studying for an exam so it's safe to say that the lobby is conducive to getting homework or work done.

They also hadanchor-shaped clocks showing the different time zones in other parts of the world.

There was also a mural in the lobby that had different symbolisms representing different  parts of the Filipino culture that foreigners can check out when staying in Manila.

There were also 2 desktop computers that guests can use to surf the internet during their stay but what caught my attention more were the table top displays they had in that area. I'm a sucker for details and all of them fit perfectly into the nautical theme of BGC Hostel.

There were also books you can borrow and little desk nooks where you can study and work.

If you want to stay in and eat your food in the hostel, they have a clean pantry where you relax and have your meal.

You can also keep items in the refrigerator just in case you have some chocolates or leftover food you want the eat the next day.

The common area for the private rooms at the upper floor were designed with more wood and less hues of blue. A common area is located at the upper floor where you can watch TV or just lounge at crates used as a seating area.

A dining table in the middle of the private rooms is where you can dine in peace if you want more privacy since the pantry in the first floor is for guests staying in the common rooms.

Rooms For Sharing Without Sacrificing Privacy

I asked the staff to see the common rooms to see if it was any different from the Makati branch. It was the same except for the curtain design that had dark blue and white stripes to match the nautical theme of the hostel. 

As I've mentioned before, I love that they have curtains so you wouldn't be caught off-guard with an unpleasant facial expression while your bunkmates gets a glance at your bed. This happens to me all the time during my college days when I was staying on top of a double decker bed.

As we get older, we want our privacy to come with our cheap accommodations (if possible). This is really value-for-money with the P499 price tag!

Grudge look with Wooden Crates in the Private Rooms

I was surprised to see the room I got because it was such as steal for P1,200. It included a TV with cable, aircon, and a queen bed for 2 people. That's only P600 per person for an overnight staycation which is really low for the quality you'll get.

I also looked at the larger room that's P1,500 per night which can accommodate up to 3 people. That's P500 per person so this is an ultimate steal.

There is a table provided you can use to work while staying in the hostel.

I give BGC Hostel a 10/10 rating!

The staff was accommodating and aside from the accommodation, towels are provided and you can borrow slippers in case you miss bringing yours.


870 Vicente Cruz St, Sampaloc, Manila, 1015 Metro Manila

Website: http://bgchostel.ph/

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/bgchosteldorm/

Telephone Number: (02) 242 1188

E-mail Address: bgcboutiquehostel@yahoo.com


Note: This post has been sponsored by BGC Hostel but my review is impartial based on my experience during my overnight stay. 

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