My Blog Will Die Soon Because Lifestyle Blogging Is Dead

Yesterday, I read a question from a friend's post which was:

Is the lifestyle niche too saturated?

After a few exchanges, the same guy said he was "too busy" to pursue blogging. 

Yes, it is saturated. Out of the numerous Filipino blogs I've read over the past 9 years, 90% of them are lifestyle blogs. I've also worked with SEO teams that did linkbuilding and their outreach list could barf lifestyle blog URLs because we were just that many. They had a hard time finding bloggers who were in the business or personal finance niche.

Apart from this instance, I've encountered similar scenarios of people citing that blogging in general is dead because of the rise of video bloggers and social media influencers. 

It made me think... Do I really fit the bill of being a lifestyle blogger and should I continue doing this?

Is blogging really dying?

I was approached back in 2015 by a local Youtube network to shift to video blogging because they said they read my blog and felt like I was really into sharing my experiences with my readers.

I declined because I was never inclined to doing videos, but maybe they were right because there has been a decrease of interest in how to be a blogger based on Google Trends. The height was back in 2012 but it has declined over the years.

I also wouldn't disagree that video blogging is on the rise because I am an avid watcher of vlogs, too. It was not only once that I've binge watched vlogs of Casey Neistat's life lesson snippets, Wil Dasovich's humor, or Daniel Marsh's cinematography on Youtube.

Most of the viral content on social media that produced instant celebrities were also videos. We could throw in Moymoy Palaboy and Maine Mendoza to illustrate this idea.

Why am I still maintaining my lifestyle blog?

Despite all of this, why do I still persist on maintaining this 3-year old lifestyle blog that is predicted to die soon because it's niche is over saturated?

This is because of my personal reasons. It was never about being able to put ads on my blog or getting sponsored trips. No one coerced me to continue doing this despite life happening or when I was drowning with work.

I've enjoyed writing since I was 13 years old and as time progressed, I've moved to writing on journals to writing my thoughts on my blog. This forces me to indulge myself on one of the hobbies I love the most.

Video production was never my thing. I commend everyone who has a knack for speaking their mind in front of the camera but I'll leave them up to excel in that field.

Whenever I read lifestyle blogs that seemed to be bulletin boards of press releases, I tell myself that I would do my contribution to share my experiences so that you will get more value from what they read on my platform.

This is why I put as much detail on what I've experienced with brands so that you will find what you're looking for, not another ad space on the internet.

Most of the brands I write about are new businesses. I know big companies already have big budgets for publicity but new businesses who are bootstrapping their way to success and seem promising will always land a spot on my blog.

This is also the reason why you wouldn't be able to find negative reviews here. I only write about brands I believe in. My negative comments are sent to the company's Facebook page so that they can improve on it and I can be one less complainer on the internet.

My blog is where I channel all these ideas in my head and translate them into an article that you can go back to anytime you want.

Writing is my first love but I also love visual arts such as graphic designing and photography. I get these bursts of creativity during trips or even on an ordinary day, just like how I felt that I wanted to write this blog article now.

I am not an expert in these areas but it feels good to have a place where you can place unedited thoughts and vision because it is your own platform. This would be impossible to do on a corporate blog.

Do you want to start your own lifestyle blog?

Do it. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Don't think about earning money first and getting free stuff.

Bring value to yourself and your readers. This will come if you write about your own lifestyle because all our experiences are unique and we can learn from each other.

After that is when the rest will follow.


  1. Hello. I saw this post shared on Facebook.

    I agree with you. I liked writing ever since I was a young child so blogging is an activity that makes me happy. Blogging also helps me to be creative, experiment or try different crafts and share them online. Even if some people say there are many lifestyle bloggers already, if you really like writing, sharing your experiences and craft, just keep doing it especially if you`re not merely doing it for the money or freebies.

    - Grace (from ❀

  2. I really felt the same way. Blogging is not the trend nowsaday. People rather go to social media such as facebook, instragram or twitter to share their views or happening. It is convenient and fast. Blogging in the traditional way needs more effort for the blogger as well as audience as they need to go your blog site. One way to overcome this is to link your blogging site with your social media platform so that when you publish something on the blog site, a post is automatically generated in social media.

    It is not dead. It is just that you need to keep it up with the new media. Happy blogging...

  3. I agree that blogging is dying. Microblogging is taking over. I use Instagram now although I hardly feel connected to my readers anymore. It used to be almost like a club. I'm not into the vlogging thing. International readers don't benefit from it due to limited translation options, and 90% of vloggers don't have a strong enough presence on camera. I hate having to wait through 15 minutes of "ummmms" and awkward pauses because the vlogger doesn't even know what they want to say. Should be interesting to see what the future of blogging will hold if anything.