Seth's Cafe: Restaurant in Batangas City for Gourmet Food Lovers

There was a point during my childhood when the only accessible food places in Batangas City were the fastfood chains such as Jolibee and McDonald’s together with local favorites such as Wanam, Kay’s Nook, and T.O.P. The malls in our area didn’t pop up until the 2003 – 2004 so good food was rarely found outside of our homes. (I hope this paragraph doesn't give away my age!)

But just last year, there has been a boom of hyper-targeted food places that either focus on being Instagrammable or being a great restaurant. I’ve enjoyed trying out most of these new restaurants and found most of them leaning on being Instagrammable, because who wouldn’t? It’s cheaper to buy decorations and food garnish than getting a great chef to hook people with good cooking.

This was why when I got to try out the food and coffee at Seth’s Cafe, I was in gastronomical delight.

My mom has been telling us for the past 2 months that many people were telling her that the food in Seth’s Cafe was great. Tucked away in a corner at Gulod Labac, it’s not a place that you'd notice right away but somewhere you would go back to once you taste the food. 

Simple interiors with orange accents

When I steped in Seth's Cafe, the first thing I noticed is the orange accents on the white walls that complimented the wooden furniture. This made it a cozy place to stay in with the background music.

I don't think anyone will go here because the interior design is Instagrammable, but that's okay since this place is a cafe and not a studio or photo booth.

One part of the design I liked were the big windows where customers can see the people working on the food and the ingredients displayed on the shelves. That's just me since I like seeing how my food is being prepared.

Specialty coffee that's not instantly made

As much as I love the mainstream coffee shops that I can access in multiple locations, I am still always on the hunt for great coffee from third-wave coffee places.

While there have been rave reviews on the food at Seth's Cafe, their coffee is the best I've tasted so far in all the cafes I've visited in Batangas City.

White Chocolate Frappe

Matcha Frappe

Oreo Frappe

I would recommend all these frappes to anyone who'll visit there. All of them had a very thick consistency instead of the usual frappes that are mostly air and crushed ice. This is both for the cream-based and the coffee-based frappes.

Among the three, the Matcha Frappe was my favorite! You can really taste the richness of the matcha once you sip from the glass. I absolutely hate it when I encounter Matcha frappes that taste like green ice soaked in water since this is one of my favorite flavors, so I can drink this over and over again.

Slow-cooked food to satisfy your cravings

At first, my mom thought that the price points were high. I agreed given that most restaurants in the area had a P150 - P250 price point for rice meals and pasta dishes while Seth's Cafe had a P250 - P450 price range.

I personally thought it was brave to do that in the middle of other competitors that had lower prices because price is a big factor when Batanguenos choose a place to eat

We waited 30 minutes for our food to be served, and at the back of my mind, I was thinking to myself:

"The food better be worth the price."

The first dish to arrive was the Salmon Teriyaki (P450) for my dad.

I was surpised because when I order salmon dishes at other restaurants, the fillet is always thin. This, however, was very thick. When my dad cut through the tender fish, the skin cracked because it was crunchy.  The sauce was barely used by my dad because I think the salmon was infused with herbs before being pan seared.

The lettuce leaves came with lemons for the dressing but when I ate it, there seemed to be a sauce pre-mixed with the greens which tasted great with the lemon juice.

Next dish was the Alfredo Saumon (P450) for my mom.

It had the same delicious salmon fillet which was a generous serving on top of the creamy pasta. I know many people can relate when you get disappointed from ordering pasta then finding an anemic plate because the cook scrimped on the sauce.

This was very creamy and you could taste the parmesan and cream in the sauce. The bread and pasta were also cooked fresh in the cafe so they weren't brittle when we took a bite.

My youngest sister ordered the Beef Brisket (P350).

I'm not a fan of beef apart from eating hamburgers so I didn't get to taste this one. According to the menu, this was braised for 12 hours and cooked in a hot skillet with their special sauce.

My sister was raving about this dish from every bite and telling me that the beef was so tender. I knew right there that se was delighted with what she just ate.

For my second sister and I, we went for the Chicken Peri (P450).

I usually order chicken from restaurants I try out for the first time because it's so easy to just put breading and deep fry it. I've also tasted Peri Chicken from other restaurants and I wasn't satisfied.

I was surprised because the chicken was so big. Even if it said in the menu that it's a half chicken dish, I didn't put my hopes up at first because I didn't want to get disappointed.

They served this with catsup but this was unnecessary. The chicken was marinated with herbs and the meat was so tender. When I took bites from the chicken skin with grill marks, it was delicious and didn't feel like biting of a chunk of charcoal.

I took my sister's Chicken Peri at home but even after 2 hours when we got home, I could still smell the aroma of the chicken from its box. My sister smelled the chicken from afar when she got home and was happy with her dinner after a long day's work.

Don't look at the price but at the value
I give Seth's Cafe a 10/10 rating!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. You can tell by that alone that we really enjoyed the food since I wrote about it. We did. 

At face value, the price of the food and drinks seemed expensive but I got more value than what I paid for. This is the type of quality food that I want 
Batanguenos to have access to without having to drive 3 hours going to Metro Manila. 

This is a great place to have your celebrations with your family or friends, so invite them for a great dining experience at Seth's Cafe. 


Seth's Cafe

Gulod Labac, Batangas City 

(near Konstantin's Place, 7-Eleven, and road going to Dumantay)

+43 7734 215

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