Delicious Filipino Food at Tambayan Gastrobar

It's been 3 months since I left the Philippines and I've been craving Filipino food every day.

As much as how it's hard to look for Filipino food that's reasonably priced in the US, it's also the same case in the Philippines. You'd think that there would be a lot of choices like these back home but you'd have a safer bet of going to a Filipino mom's kitchen than to spend a lot of money trying out restaurants only to be disappointed (most of the time) in the end.

That's why I was thrilled to find Tambayan Gastrobar last July and have a lunch break with them before I headed back to Batangas during that time.

I thought that it would be concentrated on liquor based on its name but it gave me a better satisfaction than getting drunk by stuffing me with great Filipino food.

Rustic Chic Interiors That I Loved

Before I dive right into showing you the awesome food I had, I just had to highlight the interiors of the place.

It combined the old architectural design of ancestral houses with the industrial design that is common in most restaurants nowadays. The steel beams surprisingly blended well with the old-school arches on the walls.

Dig Into Flavorful Filipino Food

I can't put into words how much I'm craving for Filipino food right now when I'm looking at these photos and remembering how great everything tasted!

I remember all the looks I got from the other tables as I was shooting all the dishes and eating them one by one...
Wow, she must be really hungry. 
These darn kids who foodstagram instead of just eating the freakin' food.

Yes, I ate all of these but there is no shame because they were so delicious.

Binacol (Php245)

This is native chicken cooked in tamarind-buko juice broth. Most of my friends know that I'm not a big fan of buko juice but I finished this off because the taste of the tamarind broth was toned down by it. The mix resulted into this savory flavor that sunk into the chicken's tender meat. It didn't feel like the chicken was just tasteless meat that got dunked into the broth but was actually cooked with it.

Sisig Tacos (Php160)

I'm also not a big fan of sisig but this was an interesting dish. I usually see my friends enjoy sisig with rice or with a beer but not in a taco shell. The soft meat and crunchy taco shell was a good blend of textures for this one.

Kare kare Bagnet (Php285)

This was my favorite among everything I ate at Tambayan Gastropub! You MUST try this when you go there for lunch / dinner. The kare kare sauce just tasted sooooo good with the crispy bagnet. It was also a plus that the sauce wasn't predominantly "peanut butterish" which I don't like about most kare kares I try out. 

Crispy Turon (Php165)

To seal the deal, I capped off with this delicious dessert. It's the upscaled version of the humble turon with a twist like a lava cake with ice cream. The turon was hot when it got served to me and just tasted great when I blended it in with the strawberries, Chocnut, and vanilla ice cream. 

Don't Miss Out on Great Filipino Food

You should definitely check out Tambayan Gastrobar if you want to bond with your loved ones over great food. I know I'm coming back here when I visit the Philippines again.

1607 Bocobo St, Malate, Manila (near Robinson's Manila)
Open every day from 11AM - 2AM

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