Starting Anew: When I Moved to America

2015 was the year I bought the domain for my blog. It never crossed my mind that it would be a wrong move to put PH on my blog URL. I thought I would never leave the Philippines and thrive living in Manila.

Being an OFW wasn't even on my periphery. Traveling as a tourist appealed very much to me but migrating sounded so expensive and daunting.

As the old Filipino saying goes:

Wag magsasalita ng tapos, Kristel! (Don't make definitive statements, Kristel!)

2016 and 2017 definitely would've shocked my 2015 self who was sitting in front of her parents' desktop computer and thinking very hard about her blog's name before buying a domain.

That's because here I am now and writing this post on the other side of the world.

Looking Back at My Filipino Roots

Any Filipino who migrated anywhere else would be very hypocritical if they said they're not homesick or they don't think about everything they grew up with.

The beach life.

The tropical weather.

The delicious food.

The people.

These were some of the great things that I shoved to the side as I whine about the high Uber surges, cramped city buses, flooded street, and slow-ass internet.

Moving Forward in the US

Fast forward August 2017, I went on a plane going to the US with Leo, my soon-to-be husband at that time. That was made possible through a K-1 fiance visa that we processed for 6 months.

I told him how funny the scenario seemed to me because there was a time when I would see fall and winter outfits on the internet and tell my friends that I envy people on the US because they can layer and wear awesome clothes (especially boots, because I liked wearing boots). 

Well, there we go. I am now here in the land of cute outfits and unlimited boots.

Aside from the obvious change in fashion choices that I need to make, adjusting to a new country was no walk in the park. Imagine growing up with no pets to coming home to 4 cats. Or from loving sweet spaghetti to eating Italian spaghetti. It's also worth mentioning that there are no jeepneys here and I can't drive (yet).

Crossing over the 3-month mark since my first day here has been shocking. Time flew by very fast and I've adapted to most things that I found strange at first.

A Change of  Direction on this Blog

This blog naturally came up to my mind because it can't have PH on the URL while I'm actually in another country. I still want to document my adventures here and share some of the lessons I've learned so other Filipinos can read them before they come here.

Hence, the "re-brand" to From PH to USA. All my previous posts are still intact here but I am working on migrating to Wordpress by 2018. I'm also changing up the content format by throwing in some videos and infographics in upcoming posts.

For my old readers who were reading about places to go to in the Philippines, you'll never know when my future posts will come in handy for you.

So... Welcome to my new blog! Cheers to life's surprises and to new beginnings.