[INFOGRAPHIC] 16 Cheapest Walking Distance Hotels Near the US Embassy in Metro Manila

How in the world can I bring my cellphone to Metro Manila if they're not allowed in the US Embassy?

That was my first thought when I found out that electronics weren't allowed in the US Embassy during my K1 visa application interview. I was coming from Batangas and going to Manila just for that appointment.

I knew that the US Embassy was along Roxas Boulevard and most hotels I see in that area were very expensive so I thought of tagging my sister along on the day of the interview, leaving her in a coffee shop with my cellphone, and going back for her when my interview's done. That would've been expensive, too, since I will pay for my sister's bus fare and food.

Looking through the hotels and accommodations around the area, I suddenly realized that the US Embassy is near Robinson's Manila and UP Manila, and it would be impossible to have a lack of affordable accommodations around the area. I thought:

Sure. I'll walk 5 minutes further instead of just crossing the street if it will save Php5,000. 

Luckily, Tambayan Capsule Hostel hosted my stay just in time for my interview so I'm grateful for that. I would've still chosen them even if they didn't do that, to be honest, because they are very affordable and accessible to the US Embassy.

Despite that, I found some other choices online. There were places that cost less than what I listed here but I wouldn't trust a hotel with no website or social media presence to be my accommodation for an appointment as important as this.

So, here are 16 hotels including their cheapest rates for a 1-night stay for 2 people that could fit your budget. 

If you find a hotel that suits your taste or you've already gone through the process and booked a different hotel that's not here, I'd love for you to share them in the comments section below so other people can check your thoughts, too. :)


  1. Anyone can generate a list of hotels. There are two in your list that I will NEVER set foot in again.

    What's more important are people's feedback regarding the hotels, both here and in the major travel sites, e.g. Travelocity, Priceline, Trip Advisor.

    Our experiences:

    Cherry Blossoms: Bedbug City -- If you want to be on the menu, this is your hotel!

    Lotus Garden: Dishonest minibar accounting; they held my fiance hostage for a minibar tab that I had already paid and for which she had the receipt. Only time I have ever contested (and successfully! :D) an expense on my AMEX (which they were reluctant to take, wonder why?)

    For their final visit, I booked them at Best Western La Corona @ $58 per night, feedback from my fiancee & kids was 100% positive. You get what you pay for. :)

    1. You're right. Anyone can make a list but not everyone does it.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

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    1. Yup, and they need to be more active online so we can find them :)

  3. Hotel juliano ako dati 1500 lng per night

  4. Yasmin apartelle... 1200 per night

  5. Please note that rates are quoted in Singapore Dollars and maybe subject to a 10% service charge, 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) and 1% Cess.best hotels in florence italy