12 Hacks For Your SLEC Medical Examination

One of the mandatory requirements for Filipinos wanting to go to the US is the check-up in the St. Luke's Extension Clinic (SLEC). 

My experience was not the best out there because it took me two 8-hour days to get my results. 

I hope you don't experience that long wait. But if you do, here are some tips to make the trip less frustrating: 

The price of my check-up back in June 2017 was Php16,882.00, but the price now has gone up to Php17,025.00 due to upgrading the tools used for the check-up. Whew. I'm glad I got the (relatively) lower fee. 

Prepare the money in cash if you can so you'll have a smooth transaction with the cashier.  

Most of the stores around SLEC offer expensive prices since they know that we're not allowed to bring food and drinks inside that building. However, what you can bring is an empty water bottle that you can refill using the water fountains on each floor.

That could save you up to Php100 if you're going to wait for your results. This can also make your urinalysis go faster since you won't need to wait for the nurse to call your number and hand you a plastic cup for drinking water.

I arrived around 7AM and I was #98 on the queue. Don't make the same mistake and come as early as you can so you can get a better number on the queue.

You can also make getting your number faster if you schedule your visit in the SLEC website and bringing a printed copy of your appointment instead of just walking in.

Some of the things that I saw my lobby companions were doing were reading a book, drawing on a sketchpad, watching videos on their iPads, and studying for an exam.

You can do the same if you have a task you can bring with you so you're not wasting time just sitting there. I brought my laptop with a full charge and did some offline freelance work while I was waiting around 1-2 hours per station 'til it was my turn.

Don't trust your phone to last the whole time you're in the clinic. There are not a lot of plugs where you can charge in case you run out of battery so better be safe with a powerbank.

I brought a 10,000 mAh + 5,000 mAh ones and they both got drained before I got home.

You can also just opt to be friendly with the other people waiting since that's a good way to pass the time. That was what most of the titas and titos were doing since they didn't want to tinker with their phones the whole time.

I'm not that friendly but luckily, a mom with 2 kids sitting next to me chatted me up. She told me it took 10 years for her and her kids' petitions to be processed and she's been in the clinic since 1AM. That was really an eye opener for me that I was lucky to have almost everything done in less than 6 months.

I saw people wearing heels and skimpy outfits while waiting for their check-ups. To each, their own, right?

I would suggest, though, to wear comfortable clothes like lightweight bottoms and flats since you're not going to be judged based on your outfit but on your health conditions. This will make the wait more bearable.

I walked for 30 minutes around the area looking for lunch food when the doctor said I can take a lunch break. All the fast foods and casual dining places were packed not only with the customers of SLEC but also with the office people on lunch break. I've never seen a Ministop and Chowking branch so packed in my life.

I refused to spend on a high-priced restaurant so I looked harder. I found that there was a small grocery store past Ministop and they had food stalls like SM Supermarket. I ended up at Siomai Foodhaus and spending less than Php100 on lunch. Never mind the fact that I was standing up in the hot area outside the supermarket while eating my food. That was a great deal!

 So unless you want to spend Php500 on a lunch on a very expensive day, I suggest letting go of your guard and eating where there is space and the food is sanitary.

NEVER schedule your check-up the next day after a holiday. One thing I regret is scheduling my check-up after Independence Day. The guard said it was extremely packed during my appointment since there was one day missed for check-ups.

I had to go back on June 14 and wait again because there were so many people in the clinic that day.

I expected to be in and out of the clinic within 8 hours but it took me 16 hours to get my check-up results.

Don't schedule other appointments and deadlines on the same day of your SLEC check-up because there's a high probability that it will be missed or you would be very late.

Once your checkups are done, you'll get vaccines. The nurse will give you a Vaccination Documentation Sheet and a CD with your chest x-ray. 

Keep these in a secure place and don't delete the photo the nurse asked you to take.They're needed at the entry checkpoint in the US and future employers could ask for this. 

How about you? Have any tips for anyone who'll have there US immigrant visa SLEC checkup? Leave them in the comments section below! :)